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March 29, 2010
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Ajacopa and Qhusi by Rainroad Ajacopa and Qhusi by Rainroad
People wanted to see the colored version of these two, so here it is!

They are a little lighter than most black leopards and jaguars, but i like seeing the spots. Qhusi's fur has a slightly lighter and pinker shade than Copa's. Copa has white on his because of his age: 43. Qhusi is 21.

Qhusi: black jaguar/leopard. (quite short.)
Ajacopa: black jaguar (taller than tai lung and most leopards, but not as tall as male tigers and such and such.

Here is their crappily written background summary from the sketches i posted earlier:


Ajacopa, which is apparently an Aymara name, means Lightning, or swirl of wind.

Ajacopa is a BLACK jaguar who was born in Peru, 43 years prior to the kung fu panda story. He is a fun loving person, and though his beautiful home had plenty to look at and explore, he wanted a REAL adventure.

So he left at the age of 18 across the sea, and visited several parts of the world (like oogway, but he wasn't looking for enlightenment or anything). Until he reached china at age of 21. What kept him there? A girl, of course. He met Lian Hua (a graceful willow, flower), the most beautiful creature he'd ever come across on his travels. He loved the BLACK female leopard, for her beauty and her tough personality. With his goofy humor, he charmed her into loving him back. They married in her village. (her father did NOT approve, to say the least, because this ajacopa was a strange leopard, and he did not know of the jaguars from across the sea.)

Months later, the most wonderful thing "copa" and Lian had ever experienced came in a tiny bundle of fur. And by tiny, I mean unusually tiny. They decided to name her Qhusi (the Quechua word for "blue-eyed", pronounced "K-ho-see") Yue (chinese for "moon"). They lived a happy life for 6 years with their adorable child, until a large band of bandits came and destroyed their village. Lian died from an arrow to the back. Ajacopa fled with qhusi to the valley of peace, a place he had heard was safe from the harsh violence of bandits, war, and criminals.

Ajacopa, of course, was distraught. While walking up a REALLY tiring set of stairs just looking for somewhere to die, Oogway found him, and asked of his troubles. Copa told him that the only woman he loved was gone, and he wished he had known how to stop it, and that he was now afraid of the China he once adored. Oogway decided that he was a fine candidate for kung fu.

Oogway helped Copa to develop the "panther" style, a blend of grace, ferocity, and unpredictability. And copa in turn taught Qhusi. When Qhusi was old enough for serious training, she would train with her father and oogway. They had both become smart and deadly warriors.

Qhusi felt guilt for her mother's death. (her mother was shielding her, after all) And created a bladed bow staff (much like a spear) and began to train herself to not only defend, but kill. Though she was small, she was deadly. She set out for the bandits at the age of 17, found them terrorizing another village, and killed all 30 of them. She had become a hero, and traveled around china for a year or so defending villagers and fighting alongside some of china's heros. Ajacopa, when she had left, thought he had lost a loved one all over again, and set out to find her a few days after. He hadn't found her for 2 years. He was beginning to lose hope. Then he found her! And squeezed her till her eyes popped out, and made fun of her new hairstyle. (she had met a friend from africa in her travels). But she had lost her happy child-like disposition in her quest for revenge. She had killed a boy-about 13 years old, who had been with the bandits, and she felt like a monster. but at least they were dead, right?

Now they travel together across china, defending the defenseless. Qhusi, the over serious and introverted leopard/jaguar, and ajacopa, the goofy jaguar father who cracks jokes and embarrasses his daughter to get smiles out of her every once in a while. Qhusi is closing up years of pain and anger inside of her, and her father WILL crack her, even if he dies in the process.

btw: Copa likes to weave and play the pan flute. He often takes his Chinese clothes and sews Peruvian woven patterns onto them. He also is fond of putting darts in his flute, but prefers to primarily use himself as a weapon. and he don't wear no shoes, foo!
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lovely I had this imange in my head somewhere but I didn't do it
flaky-flake Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your characters are awesome ! they remind me kung fu panda style
but you are a lot of imagination to draw them too
Rainroad Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2011
thank you! :D
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Very nice characters!
Rainroad Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
thanks! :D
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This is great! They both look awesome.
Rainroad Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
thank you! :)
DolphinMoana Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Student Filmographer
I have to say, Copa's design is AWESOME. :D I especially like the facial hair, and how you incorporated Peru into things. :)
Rainroad Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
haha thank you! He's my favorite. :lol: I want to go to Peru someday... :D
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